Carers UK and Regina Blitz partnership

Q: Why have Carers UK chosen to partner with Regina Blitz?

Carers UK is here to support carers wherever they may be, and however caring affects them. Raising awareness of caring is fundamental to our work. The partnership with Regina Blitz helps Carers UK to raise awareness, hear directly the stories of unpaid carers throughout the UK and offer carers a much-needed break. The partnership will also support our online Care for a Cuppa sessions for six months, giving carers much needed support and a chance to talk with others. Carers UK has a long-standing campaign, Give Us a Break, seeking greater respite for unpaid carers and our partnership supports this.

Q: Why have Regina Blitz chosen to partner with Carers UK?

Regina Blitz wanted to make a positive difference to the lives of unpaid carers across the UK.  Regina Blitz approached Carers UK as the leading national charity for carers to work in partnership to deliver on this objective. Our partnership aims to make a meaningful difference through awareness raising and offering carers a break at a time when it is needed more than ever by supporting Care for a Cuppa online weekly meetups and hosting a Breaks for Unpaid Carers Giveaway.

Q: You say your aim is to raise awareness and offer breaks at a time when carers need it most. What does that mean and how will you do it?

Loneliness, isolation and taking time to look after their own wellbeing is a challenge for many carers, which has only been heightened by the coronavirus pandemic. Research released in October 2021 found almost a third (30%) of carers felt their mental health was bad or very bad, and over a third (34%) of carers said that they often or always feel lonely. Caring means something different for everyone – but one thing that's true for every carer is that you cannot keep going without a break. After a break, many people feel stronger and rejuvenated to take on their responsibilities with renewed vigour and a more positive outlook. There are many different ways to take a break. Based on an individual’s caring responsibilities, a break might mean an hour each week, a day here and there, a week or two for a holiday, or a combination of all of these.  Both Regina Blitz and Carers UK recognise the importance of supporting carers to access a break. Through Care for a Cuppa sessions and the Regina Blitz Breaks for Unpaid Carers Giveaway, we aim to provide support to carers at a time when carers need our help more than ever.

Q: How will Carers UK use the corporate donation?

Carers UK will use the money raised through the partnership to further their mission to make life better for carers. Carers UK provide expert advice, information and support through our website and our helpline. We connect carers so no one has to care alone, through our membership, our online forum, our online meetups for carers and our team of volunteers reaching out online and in the community. We are a leading authority on caring, meaning we research and campaign for lasting change to ensure we are influencing the UK Government and the NHS to ensure carers needs are always considered. We support working carers through Employers for Carers, our best practise workplace forum, used to help employers create carer friendly workplaces. For more information on how we work to make life better for carers, please visit our website. Together with Regina Blitz, we will also raise awareness of caring, reaching carers who may not recognise their caring role, offer carers breaks through the Regina Blitz Breaks for Unpaid Carers Giveaway and through their sponsorship of our Care for a Cuppa online meetups for carers.

Q. Given Regina Blitz is a premium product and considering the financial difficulties some carers may face, would Carers UK be expecting carers to buy this product?

Carers UK does not make any specific endorsements nor have any expectation for carers to purchase products from partnering companies. The Care for a Cuppa sessions and Regina Blitz Breaks for Unpaid Carers Giveaway being run as part of the partnership are made accessible to all carers without purchase of any Regina Blitz product.

Q. Will unpaid carers be offered discounts on Regina Blitz products and services as part of the partnership?

Unpaid carers will be eligible for any offers which Regina Blitz universally promotes to the UK public and/or its existing customer base, not specifically as part of this partnership.

Q: Are Carers UK going to recommend Regina Blitz as a product?

Carers UK does not recommend any specific products.

Q. Is this partnership just to make Regina Blitz/Sofidel look good?

Both Regina Blitz and Carers UK recognise the importance of supporting unpaid carers. Over the course of the partnership, we hope to raise awareness of carers across the UK and help carers to access breaks and support to help them in their caring role.